2016/2017 Critical Theory Cluster Courses

Courses counting towards the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Critical Theory (ICCT):

African American Studies:

  • AFAM ST 480: Graduate Topics: Decolonial Black Political Thought (Hesse) FQ
  • AFAM ST 480: Graduate Topics: Black Studies Now (Weheliye) FQ
  • AFAM ST 420: Expressive Arts and Culture (Wright) SQ
  • AFAM ST 480: Graduate Topics: Freedom, Empire and Black Religions (Johnson) SQ

Art History:

  • ART_HIST 369: What is a Place? Art and the Spatial Imagination (Feldman) SQ
  • ART_HIST 402: The Intentional and Unintentional (Zorach) SQ
  • ART_HIST 430: Aby Warburg/Atlas (Swan) SQ
  • ART_HIST 460: Studies in 20th C Art: Speculation and the Speculative (Feldman/Thompson) SQ
  • ART_HIST 460: Black Masculinities in Contemporary American Art (Copeland) SQ

School of Communication:

  • COMM_ST 453: Visual Rhetoric (Hariman) FQ
  • COMM_ST 475: Seminar in Rhetoric and Political Theory (Gaonkar) FQ
  • PERF_ST 515: Problems in Performance Studies: Jazz, Adorno, and Black Life (Okiji) SQ
  • RTVF 443: Irrational Media (Sconce) FQ
  • COMM_ST 4xx: Media & Modernity (Gaonkar) WQ

Comparative Literary Studies/German:

  • CLS 410/German 401: Critical Thought: Theories of Tragedy (Fenves) FQ
  • CLS 411/French 470: Agamben (Ricciardi) WQ
  • CLS 481/German 403: Kafka and his critics (Adorno, Benjamin, Blanchot, Derrida, etc) (Weber) SQ


  • English 434, Early/Modern Animal (Shannon) SQ
  • English 441, Constructions of Gender & Race in the Long Eighteenth Century, WQ
  • English 455, Emergence of Liberalism (Davis), FQ
  • English 461, Modernist Poetics, Transnational Cultures (Feinsod) FQ
  • English 461, Translation Theory (Johnson) WQ
  • English 481, Theories of Play (Soni) SQ

French & Italian

  • FRENCH 470/CLS 411: Agamben (Ricciardi) WQ
  • ITAL 350: New Media and Marxist Thought (Terranova) SQ

Gender and Sexuality Studies:

  • GSS 490-21: Queer Theory (Dohoney) WQ
  • GSS 490-22: Queering Reproduction (Weismantel) WQ


  • PHIL 414, Hegel and Honneth (Alznauer), FQ
  • PHIL 415, Studies in French Philosophy (Deutscher), SQ
  • PHIL 423, Global Capitalism & Law (Lafont/Alter), WQ

Political Science:

  • POLI_SCI 447: Critical Studies in World Politics (Loriaux) WQ
  • POLI_SCI 464: Contemporary Political Thought (Dietz) SQ
  • POLI_SCI 469: Knowledge & Politics (Stevens) WQ
  • POLI_SCI 490: Special Topics: Global Capitalism & Law (Alter/Lafont) WQ

Religious Studies:

  • REL 471-20: Embodiment, Materiality and Effect (Molina) FQ
  • REL 481-1: Theory and Method of Religion (Balberg) WQ
  • REL 462: Topics in American Religious History (Johnson) SQ

Spanish & Portuguese:

  • SPANPORT 415: Studies in 19th Century Lit & Cultures: Body Fictions (Bouzaglo) FQ
  • SPANPORT 430: Topics in Latino\a Literatures and Cultures (Aparicio) SQ

Weinberg grads are typically welcome in screen cultures courses and can usually obtain a permission number from the program assistant by e-mailing screencultures@northwestern.edu