2017-2018 Critical Theory Cluster Courses

Courses counting towards the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Critical Theory (ICCT):

African American Studies:

  • AFAM ST 480: Civil Rights and Black Liberation: Mass Incarceration (Biondi) FQ
  • AFAM ST 480: Graduate Topics: Genealogy of Racism (Hesse) FQ
  • AFAM ST 401: Research Seminar in Black Studies (Biondi) WQ
  • AFAM ST 402: Theorizing Black Genders and Sexualities (Nash) FQ
  • AFAM ST 480: Graduate Topics: Black Studies Now (Weheliye) WQ
  • AFAM ST 403: Theorizing Blackness and Diaspora (Marquez) SQ
  • AFAM ST 480: Graduate Topics: Black Performance Theory (Johnson) SQ


  • ANTH 401: Logic of Inquiry in Anthropology (Winegar) WQ
  • ANTH 475: Seminar in Contemporary Theory (Launay) FQ
  • ANTH 484: Seminar in Linguistic Anthropology (Hoffman) FQ
  • ANTH 490-23: Migrant Sexualities & Queer Travelers: Translocations (Yildiz) FQ [Cross-listed with GSS 490-0-22]
  • ANTH 490-0-22: Mapping People, Place, and Space (Hauser) WQ
  • ANTH 490: Engendering Archaeology (Robin) SQ
  • ANTH 490: Political Economy, Race, and Gender: Intellectual History and Contemporary Research (di Leonardo) SQ [Cross-listed with GSS]

Art History:

  • ART HIST 460: Studies in 20th Century Art: Appropriation (Copeland) FQ
  • ART HIST 460-2: Aesthetics of Social Realism (Kiaer) FQ

Communication/Rhetoric and Public Culture:

  • COMM ST 425: Classical Rhetoric and Its Afterlives (Hariman) FQ
  • COMM ST 416: Contemporary Rhetorical Analysis (Ray) WQ
  • COMM ST 475: Crowds, Democracy, and Politics of Disorder (Gaonkar) WQ
  • COMM ST 525: British Cultural Studies (Radway) SQ

Comparative Literary Studies/German:

  • GERMAN 403/COMP LIT 410: Benjamin and Derrida (Fenves) FQ
  • GERMAN 404/COMP LIT 481: Affective Passages (Parkinson) FQ
  • GERMAN 441/COMP LIT 411: Deconstruction & the Search for the Absolute (Weber) WQ
  • GERMAN 402/COMP LIT 414: German Literature and Critical Thought, 1832-1900 (Kreinbrock) WQ
  • GERMAN 403: German Literature, Critical Thought, and New Media: 1900-1945 (TBD) SQ
  • COMP LIT 412/FRENCH 470: Forms of Life: Foucault’s Last Two Seminars (Ricciardi) SQ


  • ENGLISH 441: Experiences of Meaning and the Meaning of Experience in the Eighteenth-Century Novel (Soni) FQ
  • ENGLISH 461: The Queer and the Oriental (Leong) FQ
  • ENGLISH 471: Border Literature (Cutler) FQ
  • ENGLISH 471: American Women Auteurs, Novels, and Films: 1900-1945 (Stern) WQ
  • ENGLISH 481/COMP LIT 481: Historicism: Uses and Abuses (Feinsod) WQ
  • ENGLISH 461/COMP LIT 486: Indian Ocean Epistemologies (Mwangi) SQ

French & Italian

  • FRENCH 460: Writing Absences (Qader) FQ
  • FRENCH 490: The Global Avant-Garde (Bush) FQ
  • FRENCH 460: Studies in 20th Century Literature (Durham) WQ
  • FRENCH 493: Topics in Literary Theory (Garraway) WQ
  • FRENCH 493: Topics in Literary Theory (Torlasco) SQ
  • French 470/COMP LIT 412: Forms of Life: Foucault’s Last Two Seminars (Ricciardi) SQ 

Gender and Sexuality Studies:

  • GSS 490-0-20: Sociology of Sexuality (Carrillo) FQ
  • GSS 490-0-21: Theorizing Black Genders & Sexualities (Nash) FQ
  • GSS 490-0-22: Migrant Sexualities & Queer Travelers: Translocations (Yildiz) FQ
  • GSS 490-0-23: Catholicism in the Making and the Unmaking of Modern Sexuality (Orsi) FQ
  • GSS 405-0-20: Advanced Feminist Theory (Dietz) WQ
  • GSS 490-0-20: Theory and Emotion (Nash) WQ
  • GSS 490-0-21: Embodiment and Materiality (Molina) WQ
  • GSS 490-0-22: Political Theories of Membership (Stevens) WQ
  • GSS 490-0-20: Political Economy, Race, and Gender: Intellectual History and Contemporary Research (di Leonardo) SQ
  • GSS 490-0-21: Race, Gender, Dubois, & Sociological Theory (Morris) SQ


  • MUSICOL 435: Philosophies and Technologies of Voice | Dohoney (SQ)

Performance Studies:

  • PERF ST 410: Studies in Performance (Madison) FQ
  • PERF ST 518: Problems in Research (Fuentes) FQ
  • PERF ST 515: Listening (Silverstein) WQ
  • PERF ST 515: Adaptation and/in Performance (Rivera-Servera) SQ
  • PERF ST 515: Transnational Flows of Performance (Fuentes) SQ


  • PHIL 410-0-22: Critiques of Morality, Nietzsche and Williams (Alznauer) FQ
  • PHIL 402-1: Second-Year Proseminar: Habermas (Lafont) WQ
  • PHIL 410: Critical Race Theory (Medina) WQ
  • PHIL 410-0-21: Latin American Critical Theory (Zambrana) SQ [Special Topics – Title TBD]

Political Science:

  • POLI SCI 490-20: Race & Public Policy (Burch) FQ
  • POLI SCI 490-22: Nation-Building & State Formation after WWII (Spruyt) FQ
  • POLI SCI 462: Early Modern Political Theory (Farr) WQ
  • POLI SCI 490: Society and Violence (Krcmaric) WQ
  • POLI SCI 490/GSS 405-20: Advanced Feminist Theory (Dietz) WQ
  • POLI SCI 463: Late Modern Political Thought (Dietz) SQ
  • POLI SCI 490: Public Opinion and Representation (Bullock) SQ
  • POLI SCI 490: Law & Politics in Authoritarian/Developing Countries (Hurst) SQ [new course proposal]
  • POLI SCI 490: Politics of Membership (Stevens) WQ
  • POLI SCI 408: Interpretative Methods in Political Science (Loriaux) SQ
  • POLI SCI 490/SOC 476: Global Capitalism and Law (Nelson) SQ
  • POLI SCI 490: Political Power in the United States (Page) SQ
  • POLI SCI 490: Global (in)Justice (Nili) SQ


  • RTVF 411: Cultural History of Television (Spigel) FQ
  • RTVF 420: Film Theory & Criticism (Verma) FQ
  • RTVF 584: Media and the Environment (Smith) FQ

Religious Studies:

  • REL 481-1: Classical Theories of Religion (Traina) FQ
  • REL 481-2: Theories of Religion (Launay) WQ
  • REL 482: Themes in Comparative Religion (Molina) SQ


  • SLAVIC 411: Proseminar: Russian Formalism in Theory & Practice (Gourianova) FQ

Spanish & Portuguese:

  • SPANPORT 455: Comparative Studies in Latin American and/or Iberian Literature & Cultures (Uslenghi) FQ
  • SPANPORT 480: Topics in Latin American Literature and/or Iberian Literatures & Culture (Braga-Pinto) WQ

Theater and Drama:

  • TH DRAMA 503: Re-Performing the Avant-Garde (Manning) FQ
  • TH DRAMA 503: Theatre Criticism (Young) WQ
  • TH DRAMA 503: Violence, Memory, and Performance (Son) SQ

Weinberg grads are typically welcome in screen cultures courses and can usually obtain a permission number from the program assistant by e-mailing screencultures@northwestern.edu