Funding Opportunities

Funding for conference attendance

Limited conference funding (maximum of $300) is available to 3-4 graduate students each year (subject to budgetary limits) who are reading papers at conferences in areas related to critical theory.

How to apply: send an email to
Your email should supply us with information about the conference, its dates, relevance to the critical theory cluster, and its importance to your research. Include a brief statement explaining your connection to the critical theory cluster (such as courses taken, participation in graduate certificate, etc)  and confirmation that your paper has been accepted. Your application is considered by a mini-committee,  on a rolling basis.
Note also that receipts should be presented within 10 weeks of expenditure. For a number of reasons, this very limited funding is not well suited to conferences taking place in summer and we cannot approve for conferences taking place after June.

Funding for reading materials

Limited funding (to a maximum of $150 per group per year) is available to affiliated students who organize reading groups to help purchasing reading materials (e.g. ordering copies, pdfs of books, eBooks, etc.). The cluster can fund up to 7 requests per year (subject to budgetary limits).

Critical Theory Reading Group Funding Application

How to apply: Submit an application to

Requests must meet two conditions: (1) students participating in the reading group must be affiliated to the Critical Theory Cluster, and (2) the reading materials must have some connection with Critical Theory broadly construed. A mini-committee reviews applications on a rolling basis. An email will be sent out, and a notice posted on the critical theory website when funds are no longer available.

Note also that receipts of the purchased materials should be presented within 10 weeks of expenditure and must be for expenditure within the academic year in which the application is approved.