Students will develop their ability to question the world in which they live and formulate theoretically nuanced responses to the problems that define our historical moment. Throughout its many traditions and applications, critical theory generally involves the attempt to better understand power and conflict, and to achieve change or distance from the unexamined beliefs, forces, conventions, ways of thought, institutions and routines, that determine much of human life. The minor is an interdisciplinary program of study enabling undergraduates to acquire understanding of critical theory’s many dimensions and fields of application. It fosters dialogue between students with shared interests in such areas as continental philosophy, comparative literature, media and communication, film studies, the social sciences, political theory, and many other disciplines. Through the undergraduate-initiated and organized Critical Theory Research Workshop, the minor benefits from an active undergraduate research culture. The minor is associated with Northwestern’s Critical Theory Cluster, a research network of over 100 faculty and graduates at Northwestern responsible for a vibrant program of interdisciplinary events, workshops, visiting professors, and lectures. The minor is also associated with the popular undergraduate Paris Program in Critical Theory, Literature and Media.