The Critical Theory graduate program is an interdisciplinary cluster and certificate program that exposes graduate students to the scholarly practice of critical theory through a variety of disciplines. The Critical Theory program provides a thorough introduction to critical theory through interdepartmental course offerings. Exposure to critical theory is highly recommended for students of literature, philosophy, politics, culture, the visual arts, gender and race studies, rhetoric, and society in our post-colonial, post-modern world.

There are several ways graduate students (prospective and current) can get involved in the Critical Theory Program:
Prospective Students:
  • Indicate your interest in the Critical Theory Cluster on the application for your respective graduate degree program.
  • Apply for a Critical Theory Mellon Fellowship on your application. *While any graduate student can affiliate with the cluster, a select few are named Mellon Fellows which indicates a strong fit for the cluster and carries additional benefits.
Current Students: 

Explore our website for more information. For questions, please contact one of the directors or the program administrator.

We hope you will take advantage of the interdisciplinary and international partnerships the cluster offers!