Workshop: “The Decolonization of Critical Theory”

The workshop on “Decolonization and Critical Theory” will enable a public dialogue between scholars of critical theory and decolonial thought from across the US and Latin America, focusing on the theory and pedagogy of projects engaged in the decolonization of critical theory, through a focus on contributions from Enrique Dussel (UAM, Mexico), Aníbal Quijano (Binghamton), Santiago Castro-Gomez (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana), Amy Allen and Eduardo Mendieta (Penn State), Rocio Zambrana (Oregon), Walter Mignolo (Duke), Mabel Moraña (University of Washington, St Louis), and Nelson Maldonado-Torres (Rutgers).

The project will include the participation of a postdoctoral fellow, who will develop syllabi for new courses related to the workshop's theme, to be offered at Northwestern in 2019-2020 through cooperation with departments and programs including Latin American Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Spanish and Portuguese, and Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Contact faculty:

Cristina Lafont (Philosophy, Northwestern)

Penelope Deutscher (Philosophy, Northwestern)