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Teaching Faculty

This is an incomplete list of faculty who have in recent years regularly taught courses included in the Critical Theory cluster graduate certificate. Faculty who would like to join this teaching and research network are warmly invited to email:
(Our aim is to establish a useful contact list of relevant faculty in each department and program- this is a helpful resource for graduate students).

We welcome approaches from faculty who would like to affiliate with the cluster, and/or would like to offer cross-listed courses towards its graduate certificate.

Art History

Hannah Feldman

African American Studies

Barnor Hesse * 
E.P Johnson
Alex Weheliye *
Michelle M. Wright


Nick Davis * 
Brian Edwards
James Hodge
Christopher Lane
Andrew Leong
Laurie Shannon *
Vivasvan Soni
Will West 

French and Italian

Christopher Bush
Michal Ginsburg
Nasrin Qader  
Alessia Ricciardi 
Domietta Torlasco


Peter Fenves *
Anna Parkinson *
Sam Weber *


Ryan Dohoney *

Performance Studies

Fumi Okiji 


Mark Alznauer * 
Penelope Deutscher  *
Cristina Lafont *
Rachel Zuckert *

Political Science

Mary Dietz
Michael Loriaux *
Jacqueline Stevens 

Religious Studies

Christine Helmer  
Barry Wimpfheimer *

School of Communication

Jasmine Cobb   
Dilip P Gaonkar
Janice Radway  
Riley Snorton

Spanish and Portuguese

Jorge Coronado
Alejandra Uslenghi

*On Critical Theory Cluster Committee

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