Minor Requirements

The Critical Theory minor is open to all undergraduates, in any major. A minor in Critical Theory will provide you with the skills and ability to question the world in which you live.

Requirements (6 courses):

  • 1 required course: Comp Lit 207/PHIL 220: Introduction to Critical Theory
  • 5 interdisciplinary 300-level courses approved by the program, including at least 1 course in each of three generally defined fields:
    • literary theory
    • political theory
    • philosophy

*Students may petition to the Director of Undergraduate Studies to count courses not listed or to substitute 1 200-level course for a 300-level course.

Critical Theory Requirements Advising Sheet - take this sheet with you to your advising appointment to track the courses you have taken toward the minor.

How to Declare the Minor?

To declare a Critical Theory minor, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Alejandra Uslenghi (a-uslenghi@northwestern.edu